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For over a decade, I've conducted hundreds of in-depth interviews with inspiring individuals from all walks of life.

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You've lived this wonderful life, but don't think you have tomorrow to talk about it. Seize the opportunity today. I offer a 90-minute phone call to create an audible portrait of you. That way, when you're gone, your loved ones won't be left listening to old voicemails when they want to hear your voice, your laughter, and your experiences. The session package includes one year of secure hosting to share the conversation through a password-protected page, neatly edited for prosperity.

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Key Skills

Thriving on versatility, I've honed a diverse skillset across creative fields, allowing me to tackle any communication or media challenge.

Over a decade of experience as a Creative Director, Producer, and Culture Journalist has fueled my passion for capturing captivating stories. My project “New York Said” exemplifies this, showcasing the narratives of NYC’s influential figures. With Miles Partnership and Odyssey Studios, I’ve partnered with Destination Marketing Organizations. We’ve produced videos, photographs, and interviews across 35+ states, capturing the unique essence of each place for organizations like Explore Louisiana, San Francisco Travel, and Visit The USA.