Photo Courtesy of BlusterOne
Photo Courtesy of BlusterOne


BlusterOne, Graphic Designer and Painter

BlusterOne and I recorded this conversation in the kitchen of an apartment Lillian Wald housing projects on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. He didn’t live there, but that’s the space we had to record, so we did. I believe it set the tone and grounded him so he could share all aspects of his story with us.


Listen to BlusterOne tell his Story: Part One


Listen to BlusterOne tell his Story: Part Two


Recording with Bluster was informative and enlightening, which is why the combined episodes are almost two hours long.

We covered much ground with personal stories, cultural observations, and artistic philosophy. As I reflect on our talk, several key takeaways stand out and still leave a lasting impression.

We talked about BlusterOne’s journey from a place of strict religious belief to a more expansive spiritual and personal understanding. His fascinating explanation of the Latin communities’ involvement in Islam and graffiti culture.

BlusterOne’s journey with PNB Nation was inspiring. The brand blended graffiti, hip hop, and fashion, highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit that can turn hobbies into successful ventures.

During the conversation, BlusterOne was open about his diagnosis of bipolar disorder and the challenges he faced as a result. He emphasized the importance of mental health awareness and encouraged us to seek help when struggling. His story reminded us that we’re not alone in our struggles and that asking for help is a sign of strength.

A recurring theme throughout our conversation was the importance of authenticity. BlusterOne’s emphasis on staying true to oneself, personally and professionally, struck a chord. It’s a message worth holding close, a reminder to embrace our individuality and live with integrity.

The most intriguing aspect of BlusterOne’s art was how it reflected his life. His designs weren’t mere creations; they were stories woven with threads from his experiences and perspectives on the world. They were a powerful reminder of the inherent connection between art and life and how one informs the other.

Finally, our exchange underscored the importance of fostering strong communities and nurturing healthy relationships. BlusterOne’s reflections on his support network’s influence showed us that we don’t navigate life’s journey alone.

This short reflection on my conversation with BlusterOne offers a glimpse of his story. However, for the full spectrum experience, try scrolling back up and listening to the entire conversation to unlock the complete story.

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