Photo Courtesy of Carlo McCormick
Photo Courtesy of Carlo McCormick


Carlo McCormick, Culture Critic and Curator

Before my conversation with Carlo McCormick, I mostly knew him from his panel talks, his writing, and his appearances in many of the art docs I’ve watched over the years.

Talking to Carlo was nothing short of an enlightening odyssey into the vibrant world of art. We are kindred spirits.


Listen to Carlo McCormick tell his Story: Part One


Listen to Carlo McCormick tell his Story: Part Two


The conversation highlighted the intersection between the art and music industries. The story of the Ramones and their merchandise sales sparked a curiosity about the complex relationship between artistic creation and commerce.

McCormick’s insights into the impact of urban youth culture on marketing and branding strategies were equally eye-opening. He emphasized the influence of streetwear, skateboarding, and graffiti art, subcultures that have evolved into major cultural forces. We talked about the perception of subcultures as fringe movements and underscored their significant influence on mainstream culture.

We found ourselves exploring the dynamics of the art world itself. McCormick’s distinction between the art world and the art market was particularly insightful. He explained that the art world is a diverse and enriching ecosystem, while the art market is a competitive arena.

We touched on the rise and enduring influence of artistic movements like punk, hip hop, and street art.

McCormick’s reflection on his journey as an art critic offered a glimpse into the evolution of art criticism itself. The transition from a less formal discipline to a more structured field highlighted the changing nature of art interpretation and appreciation.

Then, the conversation veered into the significance of corporate branding in today’s world. We discussed how logos and corporate identities are meticulously crafted to influence public perception.

My conversation with Carlo McCormick was akin to unearthing a hidden treasure trove. It unveiled the multifaceted ways in which art permeates our culture and society, from innovative art forms to the influence of artistic movements, from the complexities of the art world to the economy of attention. Yeah, it’s pretty deep stuff. Listen to the conversation, especially if you’re an art head.

This short reflection on my conversation with Carlo McCormick offers a glimpse of his story. However, for the full spectrum experience, try scrolling back up and listening to the entire conversation to unlock the complete story.

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