Curriculum Vitae

Amon Focus is an American culture journalist, travel documentarian, artist, creative director, producer, archivist and founder of New York Said.

Successfully Completed Independent Contracts & Projects


Date | Role | Client  | Assignment

2024, March Creative Consultant, Honey Cosmetics “Product Photography” – Photography Basics, Digital Asset Creation, Process and Procedure

2024, February — Host, On-Camera Personality, Alabama Tourism Department / Brand USA:  The Main Event: Mobile Mardi Gras” – Destination Marketing Video

2024, February — Creator and Instructor, New York Public Library: “Power of Storytelling Through Interviewing” – A Three-Week Intensive for Advanced English Learner

2023, December — Field Producer, Visit Virginia Beach / Odyssey Studios: “Virginia Beach Artisan Social Series” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023, October — Interviewer / Videographer, Visit Virginia Beach / Brand USA: “Cheat Meal: Virginia Beach” – Destination Marketing Video

2023, October to December — Interviewer, Destiny Mata / Magnum Foundation: “LES Yearbook” – A Series of Origin Story Interviews

2023, September Creative Producer, I Love New York / Brand USA: “New York State Features” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023, August — Creative Producer, Visit Jackson / Brand USA: “Jackson, Mississippi: Destination at a Glance” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023, August — Creative Producer (Post Production), Explore Georgia / Brand USA/ Brand USA: “Sting-Out Session: Georgia State Feature” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023, August — Host, On-Camera Personality, Explore Georgia / Brand USA: “Georgia State Feature” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023, May — Creative ProducerVisit Cincy: “Art and Culture are Alive Cincy Region” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023, May — Creative Producer, Louisville Tourism / Brand USA: “Louisville: Destination-at-a-Glance” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023May — Creative ProducerKentucky Tourism / Brand USA: “Untold to the Unforgettable Series” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023, April — Creative ProducerVisit Myrtle Beach / Brand USA: “Three Myrtle Beach Destination Features” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023January — Host, On-Camera PersonalityVisit Dallas / Brand USA: “Dallas, Texas: Destination at a Glance” – Destination Marketing Videos

2023, January — Photographer, Pennsylvania Tourism Office:  “Happy Traveler Guide 2023” Pages 6—9 – Travel Photography Shoot

2023, January — Visual Artist, Collector “DUMBO” 18” x 24”, – Commissioned Collage

2022, June — Creative Producer, Louisiana Office Of Tourism: “Visual Assets – Summer” – Photo and Video Shoot

2022, May — Writer / Producer, Town Hall: “Legacy Calls” – Short Film

2022, May — Teaching Artist, Town Hall & Project FIND:  “Oral History with a Theater” – Storytelling Workshops

2022, October — Creative Consultant, René Mantilla: “Luxury Chapeau & Leather Accessories Website” – An Introduction to Web Development

2022, July — Creative Consultant, Natalie Borneo “The Baby Nurse Specialist Website” – An Introduction to Web Development

2022, February — On-Camera Talent, San Francisco Travel:  Our Gate Is Open: Meet in San Francisco” – Destination Marketing Videos

2021, November — Photographer / Videographer, Louisiana Travel: “Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: The Celebration Gator Float” – Photo and Video Shoot

2021, November — On-Camera Personality / Interviewer, Odyssey Studios: Roger Miles – U.S. Travel Hall of Leaders Induction – Award Show Introduction Video

2021, November — Voice Over Actor, Kentucky Tourism:  “Kentucky National Tour Association Luncheon” – VO Recording

2021, October — Voice Over Actor, Kentucky Tourism:  “Kentucky Australia Webinar” – VO Recording

2021, October — Archivist, Archie Family “Father’s Final Days” – A Series of Recorded Private Interview Sessions

2021, October — Archivist, Archie Family “One Day in Belize” – Short Film (Cinéma Vérité)

2020, All Year — Human Being, Amon Focus “What Is Even Life Right Now” – A Restructuring of my Professional Offerings to the Creative Market

2019, December — Interviewer / Videographer, Kentucky Tourism:  Lonnie Ali | Untold to the Unforgettable | A Kentucky Original Series” – Destination Marketing Videos

2019, November — Creative Producer, San Francisco Travel: “Ahead of the Curve Meetings Anthem” Destination Marketing Videos

2019, November — Interviewer / Videographer, Kentucky Tourism: “Kentucky Multicultural: Local’s Perspective” – Destination Marketing Videos

2019, November — Creative Producer, Visit Maryland: “Maryland Byways Central Chesapeake” – Destination Marketing Videos

2019, September — Creative Producer, Visit Maryland: “Byways – Roots and Tide” – Destination Marketing Videos

2019August — Host, On-Camera PersonalityAlabama Tourism Department / Brand USA: “Tri-City Southern Alabama Music Tour: Montgomery, Mobile & Gulf Shores” – Destination Marketing Videos

2019, August — Creative Producer, San Francisco Travel: “Culinary Videos: San Francisco Chefs”Destination Marketing Videos

2019, July — Creative Producer, Visit Maryland: “Central Chesapeake” – Destination Marketing Videos

2019, July — Photographer / Videographer, Brand USA: “Ask A Local: Alabama and Kentucky” – Destination Marketing Videos

2019, June — Photographer / Videographer, Macy’s: “Macy’s Pride Parade: Find Your Truth”  – Destination Marketing Videos

2019, April — Writer / On-Camera Personality, San Francisco Travel:“Six San Francisco Co-Op Promo Videos” – Destination Marketing Videos

2019, May — Creative Producer, Simon Center: “Clarksburg Premium Outlets ” -Destination Marketing Videos

2019, February — Photographer / Videographer, Visit Sarasota County: “Out-of-Home Glass Truck ” -Destination Marketing Videos

2019, January — Videographer / Interviewer, Kentucky Tourism: My Kentucky  – Destination Marketing Videos

2018, December — Creative Producer, Explore Louisiana: “Louisiana Ambassadors – Choose Your Own Adventure – Destination Marketing Videos

2018December — Host, On-Camera Personality, San Francisco Travel: “SFMOMA & SIMCO”Destination Marketing Videos

2018December — Host, On-Camera PersonalityVisit Concord / San Francisco Travel:Visit Concord’s Guide to 24 hours in Concord” – Destination Marketing Videos

2018, November — Photographer / Videographer, Odyssey Studios: “LSU V ALA VIP Tailgating” – Destination Marketing Videos

2018, November — Producer / Videographer, Odyssey Studios: Amon’s Kentucky Adventure – Destination Marketing Videos

2018October — Host, On-Camera PersonalityBethel Woods Center for the Arts / Brand USA: “Bethel Woods, New York: Where the Spirit of Woodstock Lives On” – Destination Marketing Video

2018September — Host, On-Camera PersonalityVisit Detroit / Brand USA: “Detroit, Michigan: 3 Ways to Tour the City of Motown” – Destination Marketing Videos

2018June — Creative ProducerExplore Louisiana / Brand USA: “Louisiana Road Trips and Louisiana Music Thematic” – Destination Marketing Videos

2018May — Host, On-Camera PersonalityTravel Oregon / Brand USA: “Oregon Road Trip: The Ultimate 7 Wonders Adventure” – Destination Marketing Videos

2018May — Host, On-Camera PersonalityArizona Office of Tourism / Brand USA: “Road Trip through Arizona’s Desert and Mountain Towns” – Destination Marketing Videos

2018April — Host, On-Camera PersonalityAlabama Tourism Department / Brand USA: “Journey Along Alabama’s Musical Trail” – Destination Marketing Videos

2017,December —Videographer,Travel Oregon: “Made in Oregon: Local Food, Wine and Rich Beer Heritage”- Destination Marketing Video

2017October — Videographer, Pure Michigan / Brand USA: “Michigan: Destination At A Glance – Northern & Southern Route” – Destination Marketing Videos

2017September — Host, On-Camera PersonalityChoose Chicago / Brand USA: “Chicago Neighborhood Tour: 3 Hot Spots for Music Lovers” – Destination Marketing Video

2017August — Videographer, I LOVE NEW YORK / Brand USA: “Touring New York State’s Must-See Cultural and Historic Sites” – Destination Marketing Videos

2017July — Videographer, Explore Minnesota Tourism / Brand USA: “Minnesota: Destination At A Glance – Northern & Southern Route” – Destination Marketing Videos

2017July  Videographer, Maine Office of Tourism / Brand USA: “The Great Outdoors” – Destination Marketing Videos

2017May — Videographer, Memphis Travel / Brand USA: “Native Travelers: Tennessee (Japanese)” – Destination Marketing Videos

2017April — Videographer, Missouri Division of Tourism / Brand USA: “Missouri: Destination at a Glance and Thematic Music” – Destination Marketing Videos

2016, November Videographer, BrandUSA: “Travel South USA: Music of the South Road Trip” – Destination Marketing Videos

2016, AugustVideographer, BrandUSA: “Native Traveler: Colorado” – Destination Marketing Videos

2014, PresentContributor, Getty Images, Stock Footage

2012, August — Videographer / Editor, Louisiana Office Of Tourism: “Boudin Trails” – Destination Marketing Videos

2010, July — Videographer / Editor, Visit New Jersey: “Englishtown Raceway Park” – Destination Marketing Videos

2009, March — Producer / Editor, DJ Dirty Harry / Mike Harry, “Jazmine Sullivan – Fear” – Concept Music Video


Key Skills & Qualifications

  • Pleasant to work with, team player, good sense of humor, and seasoned with experienced insights
  • Creative Director with expertise in branding, visual design, public speaking, storytelling, art direction, and design eye
  • Producer with extensive experience in video production, editing, photography, web production, multimedia, videography, post-production, directing, photo shoot directing, studio setup, and lighting
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere Pro), Final Cut Pro, and WordPress
  • Skilled in digital marketing, social media, YouTube channel building, client and brand relationship management, research, marketing collaboration, and project management
  • Experienced content creator with skills in social media content creation, podcasting, interviewing, and scripting
  • Strong project management skills, including pre-production planning, production management, post-production oversight, and multitasking under tight deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills, including client and brand relationship management, handling brand and client feedback, and public speaking
  • Technical proficiency in video formats, editing, troubleshooting, and understanding of video, audio, and graphics in pre & post-production
  • Over ten years of experience working in media, creating compelling video content and editing for digital video, and creative agencies
  • Working knowledge of sound mixing and color correction
  • Expertise in shooting with professional camera equipment and knowledge of camera lenses, lights, and other accessories
  • Highly organized, creative, collaborative thinker with a passion for visual storytelling
  • Expertise in non-linear editing and audio edit/post software
  • Strong time, organizational, and project management skills
  • Solutions and results-oriented, with the ability to multitask, prioritize actions, and meet deadlines
  • Expertise in pre-production processes, including storyboarding, pre-interviews, and vendor sourcing
  • Comfortable working on both PC and Mac platforms
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills and ability to effectively communicate with all levels of management
  • Self-motivated with a positive attitude
  • Ready to travel as required

A Selection of Interviews

Amon has been conducting interviews for over a decade and has interviewed a wide range of guests, including Janette Beckman, Jamel Shabazz, and Taki 183. Amon’s interviews are known for their depth of research and his ability to ask unexpected and unusual questions.

He is the host of New York Said podcast which features over 250 long-form individual interviews with notable and native New Yorkers.

  • TAKI 183 — Greek-American Graffitist who was Active During the Late 1960s
  • Lady Pink — Ecuadorian-American Graffiti and Mural Artist
  • John “Crash” Matos — Puerto Rican-American artist and graffiti writer known for his bright, bold, and colorful murals and canvases
  • Martha Cooper — Photographer,  known for her photographs of graffiti and street art from the 1970s and 1980s
  • Jamel Shabazz — Photographer, known for his documentary photographs of the in New York during the 1970s to present day
  • Carlo McCormick — An American art critic, curator, and cultural commentator
  • Cey Adams — American artist and designer, who is best known for his work as a graffiti artist and graphic designer
  • Jeff Staple — The founder and creative director of Staple Design, a streetwear and fashion brand
  • Al Diaz — American artist and poet best known for his work with the artist Jean-Michel Basquiat
  • Shantell Martin — British Visual Artist
  • Bob Mankoff — Cartoon Editor for The New Yorker and Esquire
  • Arturo Vega — American artist best known for his work as the art director and designer for the punk rock band The Ramones
  • Jerry Saltz — Pulitzer Prize-Winning Art Critic
  • Charlie Ahearn — An American filmmaker, artist, and musician. He is best known for his 1982 film “Wild Style”
  • Craig “KR” Costello — American artist known for creating KRINK
  • Janette Beckman — An English photographer known for her work capturing the punk and hip-hop scenes of the 1970s and 1980s
  • Jay Maisel — Renowned American Photographer known for his work on the Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue album cover


Special Projects


Public Speaking

  • Guest Speaker, “Interviewing for Stories” The Lower Eastside Girls Club of NY – February 2024
  • Guest Lecturer, “My Journey as a Creative Professional and Artist” St. Olaf College – January 2024
  • Guest Lecturer, “How Play Got Me The Work” – School of Visual Arts: i3 Lecture Series – November 2023
  • Guest Artist, “One Vision – Collaging with a Purpose” – New Visions Charter High School AMS II Art Department – January 2023
  • Guest Lecturer, “My Journey as a Creative Professional and Artist” St. Olaf College – January 2023
  • Guest Speaker, “Digital Storytelling Through Podcasting” – The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria – November 2022
  • Host, Virtual Networking Mixer, Full Sail University – July 2022
  • Guest Presenter, “Street Art Photo Walk” Southeast Queens Camera Club – April 2018
  • Guest Speaker, “Travel Photography and Time-Lapse Video” – Southeast Queens Camera Club – March 2018
  • Guest Lecturer, “The Importance of Personal Projects” – New York Film Academy – February 2018
  • Guest Lecturer, “Digital Storytelling” Hetrick-Martin Institute – June 2017
  • Guest Lecturer “Freelance Life” – NYU Creative Professional Seminar,  December 2016


Photography Books

  • New York Said: Volume One – 2014
  • New York Said: Volume Two – 2015
  • New York Said: Volume Three – 2017



Amon Focus is an accomplished American travel documentarian, culture journalist, artist, creative director, producer, archivist, and founder of New York Said. With a decade of experience, he is known for his imaginative storytelling and interdisciplinary approach to capturing the spirit of New York and beyond.

Amon has conducted notable interviews with luminaries such as Lonnie Ali, Jerry Saltz, Jay Maisel, Bob Mankoff, Jamel Shabazz, and Erica Ford. He partners with the New York Public Library to create intensive storytelling programs and has been a guest speaker at the School of Visual Arts and St. Olaf College.

His “New York Said” project combines a vast photographic archive with a captivating podcast series featuring in-depth conversations with notable New Yorkers.

Beyond his passion projects, Amon has established himself as a sought-after creative producer, on-camera personality, and consultant. He works with destination marketing organizations nationwide, such as Miles Partnership, Odyssey Studios, Brand USA, Travel Oregon, I Love New York, Louisiana Travel, and San Francisco Travel, to develop engaging video content and campaigns that capture the “je ne sais quoi” of each location he visits.


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