Places I've Captured

Exploring Cuba

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend 7 days in Cuba. I thought I was taking a photography class but instead I found myself fully immersed in a People-to-People Cultural Exchange. In doing so, I got the chance to meet a lot of great people and learn a lot about the Cuban culture.

This is just a fraction of the overall experience, enjoy!

Art Stuff, Places I've Captured

The Street Art at RAW-Tempel in Berlin, Germany

I stumbled upon RAW-Tempel trekking through Berlin the other day and was floored by all the street art. I literally just grabbed my phone and just started shooting video. This is just a small summary of what I saw.

The Raw Temple is a non-profit community organization which at this time has approximately 100 members and 65 projects. Its primary aim is to offer reasonably priced social and cultural events and activities.

Learn more about RAW-Tempel here: