I met with TMNK or The Me Nobody Knows at SCOPE Art Show and we conversed about his “ART IS MY WEAPON” movement.

Artist’s statement:

 “I am the defiant thread, in this great tapestry called life, who has decided to weave instead of being woven. My rebellious, markers, paints and aerosol cans, neither need nor seek your permission, as I converse with generations yet unborn. To you I may be nobody. Okay, then undeterred and unaffected I say to you, “Nobody did it!”, as I leave my mark on the world for all eternity.” – TMNK


++ More Info ++

TMNK/Nobody is a, New York Street Artist, a contemporary American artist who works not only explores and offer critical discourse on socio-political issues such as racism, classism, sexism, third-world plight, first-world arrogance, war and peace), but also share his vision of how things could be, if only … It is from his juxtapositions of reality against hope, of probability against possibility, of the serious managed through satire, and of damage versus renewal, wherein TMNK draws his use of symbols, glyphs and iconography, his choice of colors and the balance of the canvas, even the jarring coincidence of materials and layered assemblages which, for no other reason sometimes than his willing them to be, seem to marry. His is a world which celebrates grace in its own transience, of our sentience sullied and then cleansed, and above all, our clamoring to exceed the dichotomy between our pathology, and our own biological imperative toward morality.


SCOPE Art Show

Music Provided by Castle: http://castle.bandcamp.com/